Smoothly & stress free


Inform your children about your move, keep upbeat, positive & excited, encourage discussions & questions from them.


Your new locality, city or country with them. Discussing all of the places you will visit & activities you will do. Look at photos & videos as children love visuals.

Find clubs & organisations in which they can continue their sports & pastimes.


Keep their old toys & some bedroom furniture, it will make them feel secure in their new location & help with their transition.


Learn all that you can about their new school in advance, so that you & your child feel comfortable & better prepared.


Pack their items with them, involving them in the process & encouraging donation of unwanted items to charity.


Encourage them to keep in contact with friends, arrange to have an internet connection as soon as possible in your new home.

Maintain routines

Upon arrival maintain sleep, meal & activity routines it will make the adjustment process easier.

Give them time

Once you have arrived. Whilst babies & toddlers are relatively easy in terms of relocation, school going children & teenagers may take a little more patience & TLC, give them time.

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