To do list before your final move

  •   Research, meet with & hire your moving company at least six weeks before your big day.
  •   Fill out a change of address form with your local post office six weeks prior.
  •  If you have children who are changing schools, have their records transferred to their new school.
  •  Change your address with financial institutions.
  • Research cable, internet & phone providers at your new location & arrange appointments for service installations.
  •  Fill & transfer prescriptions a week before.
  •  Notify utility services two weeks prior to your move. Schedule them to turn off at your old home on the evening that you leave & a few days before you arrive at your new home.
  •  Schedule the cleaning of your new home a few days before moving in.
  •  Withdraw cash for unexpected expenses during your move.
  •  Properly dispose of flammable items that cannot be transported.
  •  Defrost your refrigerator two days before moving.
  •  Back up all computers.
  •  Call a locksmith to arrange to change the locks on your new home on moving day.
  •  Finally take a photo of you & your family outside your old home for your album.